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The archived web site contents will be available on a mirror site provided by FEB Sweden. The archive will also available in a zip file that can be unzipped into a directory and viewed locally using your web browser. The zip file will be available for download on the WaveGuide web site. I can also e-mail a copy to anyone who requests it. Anyone accessing the archived site from the mirror site or the zip file should ignore the EMF-INFO MAIN PAGE links at the bottom of each page as they will no longer be valid.

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A photograph of the school appears here
The Bridlewood Community Elementary School - the focus of the
Bridlewood Hydro Line Struggle

Who Are We

The Bridlewood Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Information Service evolved from the Bridlewood Residents Hydro Line Committee which was established in 1986 to fight 500 kV transmission lines that Ontario Hydro proposed to construct through the Bridlewood community in Kanata, Ontario. Originally established as a series of information files on the National Capital Freenet (NCF) in 1993, it became a full NCF FreePages site on the World Wide Web in 1996. The Bridlewood Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Information Service is maintained by Richard W. Woodley. We would like to thank the National Capital Freenet for making this web site possible.

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What's New on the Web Site

EMR/EMF Mailing Lists is an open unmoderated mailing list for the discussion of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), including but not limited to, power line electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiofrequency radiation (RFR) from cell phones and cellular transmission towers, with particular emphasis on the health effects of such radiation. For more information and to join EMR-EMF@onelist. com click here.


EMF-L is a moderated mailing list maintained by Roy L. Beavers It's mission was/is to "Shine the Light" on all aspects of the EMF problem. For more information and to join EMF-L click here

Download EMFCALC

EMFCALC is a program written and provided by Ed Maxey.

The program could prove very helpful to any who face the prospect of a new power line being placed in their neighborhood. It permits rapid calculation of the EMF exposure which the power line specifications will create along the line corridor. It also permits prospective buyers to calculate the EMF before purchasing a home near a power line.

Click here for further information and to download EMFCALC. 

We Want Information

Our goal is to be a comprehensive source of EMF information for the public and EMF activists.

In order to keep up with the latest news on the EMF health issue we require information. If you are involved with an EMF struggle in your neighbourhood or at your school please let us know about it so we can include the information on our web site. We are particularly interested in hydro line struggles and “power line frequency fields” information, since the cell phone issue is now starting to dominate the EMF agenda and our web site grew out of a hydro line struggle adjacent to a school. Also, contributions to our "Quotable Quotes" section below are appreciated.

We want to keep our bibliography comprehensive and up to date but we are not able to monitor all the EMF Journals or conferences and depend on news coverage and other involved persons to keep us informed of new studies. If you know of any studies (new or old) that should be in the bibliography please provide us with the bibliographic citations.

We also provide links to other relevant web sites. If you know of other web sites that you think should be included in our “Other EMF Web Sites” section please let us know.

As well, if you are an organization that publishes a newsletter or operates a restricted access web site on the subject we invite you to donate a subscription or access to us. If you have other information resources that you can provide to us, that would also be appreciated. As a volunteer-based service we depend on donations of such resources. 

"Quotable Quotes"

This is Criminal

A photograph of a power line appears here
Otero-Ventas power line - Aravaca, Spain (near Madrid)
A photograph of a power line appears here
High voltage power lines - Kryoneri, Greece (near Athens)

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