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Canada: Cell phones Invisible hazards of the wireless age
'Few people would be surprised to hear that cell phones are unhealthy. But how many of us actually know the degree of damage they cause, the extent of the cover-up by the industry, or that there is a viable solution? Dr. George Carlo, a mobile phone industry whistleblower, recently presented a talk in Vancouver about how electropollution from wireless technology can cause brain damage, cancer and an array of mental illnesses.
I checked his facts against recent, peer-reviewed scientific papers and the results were startling. Dr. Carlo explained why the industry’s user manuals don’t warn of these health hazards: currently, there are pending class action lawsuits against them, which threaten to expose the entire industry, similar to the cases brought against "Big Tobacco", and the asbestos and silicone breast implant industries. But what really shone brightly in Dr. Carlo’s message were his realistic solutions...'

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December 2006 Common Ground

UK: Health fears lead schools to dismantle wireless networks
"Parents and teachers are forcing some schools to dismantle wireless computer networks amid fears that they could damage children’s health. More schools are putting transmitters in classrooms to give pupils wireless access from laptops to the school computer network and the internet. But many parents and some scientists fear that low levels of microwave radiation emitted by the transmitters could be harmful, causing loss of concentration, headaches, fatigue, memory and behavioural problems and possibly cancer in the long term..."
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20 Nov 2006 The Times

Public Swedish TV: Wimax dangers exposed in Sweden
"Wimax seem to be very dangerous. On the same day the municipality of Götene in Sweden started sending several persons got acute life threatening symptoms: difficulties to breathe, heart arrythmia etc. At least 5 persons had to leave their homes..."
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23 May 2006 SVT.

New Report: Health risks from mobile phone base stations
"Concerns about possible adverse health effects of mobile telephony have focused mainly on the risk of brain tumours in users of mobile phones, but other types of illness have also been linked with the technology. In particular, several epidemiological surveys have suggested associations with non-specific complaints such as headache, tiredness, sleep disturbance, loss of memory, and dizziness. These findings, which echo reports of illness associated with other types of radiofrequency (RF) radiation,1 relate not only to use of mobile phones,2–4 but also to residence near to mobile phone base stations.5 Further evidence on the latter is provided in a paper by Hutter et al in this issue.6 They found that symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and difficulty in concentration were more common in people with higher potential exposures to radiation from nearby base stations..."
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01 May 2006 BMJ/Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Canada: Wi-Fi's electric shock
"Wireless Net hoopla masks growing concern over frequency pollution
There's something lonely about parties. Especially if you're one of the few who isn't celebrating. And as laptop lovers citywide rejoice in the announcement that downtown Toronto will be a wireless Internet hot spot by the fall, critics worry that we may be feeding a new form of smog that hangs in the air without a trace and makes a growing number of us sick: electrical pollution. Whether it's fluorescent lights, cellphones or computer screens, more and more of us are realizing that the technology we've welcomed into our homes and offices is making us ill. According to stats from Sweden and Britain, about 2 or 3 per cent of the population suffers from potentially debilitating electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS. Symptoms are all over the map, and include nausea, headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, tinnitus and rashes, to name a few..."

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09 Mar 2006 Now Toronto.

US: Cell phone health-related lawsuits sent back to state courts
WASHINGTON—Major mobile-phone carriers and manufacturers have petitioned U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake to reconsider her decision last week to have two health-related lawsuits sent back to state courts in California ..."
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23 Feb 2006 RCR News

Expert warns Irish mobile phone masts unsafe
"One of the world's leading experts in mobile phone technology has warned that the radiation output from Irish phone masts is at least 100 times too high for safety. His warning comes as new research reveals that long-term use of mobile phones poses an increased risk of brain cancer. According to Dr David Aldridge, a scientist who has worked developing microwave technology for the US Government, the international 'safety' limits which Ireland adheres to are out of date and totally flawed..."
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09 Feb 2006 Irish Examiner

US: Wireless Public Health Crisis
Medical journalist Blake Levitt, activist Jan Newton, president of the EMR Policy Institute, and activist Doug Loranger, maker of the film Bad Reception: The Wireless Revolution in San Francisco, discuss the very disturbing science showing wireless technology's dangers and how the public can protect itself...
Listen to the very upsetting and informative show!

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07 Feb 2006 Your Own Health And Fitness

IE: Phone masts affecting health nationwide...
"Members of IERVN (Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network) recounted their daily sufferings to the Joint Committee on Health and Children in Leinster House.Group spokesman Con Colbert said electrosensitivity was not just an Irish phenomenon but a global one, with people suffering from physical pain and discomfort all over the world. Many members, some suicidal, have been forced from their homes due to radiation levels from nearby phone masts. Their quality of life – domestic, social and economic – has deteriorated with families being disrupted and sufferers unable to shop or work in areas with a high energy capacity. Mr Colbert himself sleeps in a chalet at the end of the garden of his Raheny home to try and escape the burning sensation from radiation from nearby phone masts...."
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02 Feb 2006 Ireland OnLine

US/Sun Sentinel: Cell phone risks cited in studies: Three groups find danger of tumors...
"Adding new fuel to the debate over cell phone safety, three European research groups in separate studies have found an increased risk of brain tumors in people who have used the phones for 10 years or more. "When you put the three large Interphone results together -- the German, English and Swedish -- they tell a story, and it begs for attention," said Louis Slesin, publisher of Microwave News..."
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01 Feb 2006 Sun Sentinel

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