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Researchers push for new cell phone safety standards
"In the present situation of scientific uncertainty...the statements that the use of mobile phones is safe, are premature," Dariusz Leszcynski [Leszczynski], a researcher for the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland [STUK], said in his testimony before the subcommittee. "In my opinion the current safety standards are not sufficiently supported because of the very limited research on human volunteers, children, and on the effects of long-term exposures in humans."
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14 September 2009 CNET

New Report: Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors
"The exposé discusses research on cellphones and brain tumors and concludes:
- There is a risk of brain tumors from cellphone use;
- Telecom funded studies underestimate the risk of brain tumors, and;
- Children have larger risks than adults for brain tumors..."

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26 August 2009 Business Week

UK: TV producer allergic to modern technology
"Former TV producer, Sarah Dacre, 53, had a successful career in London, but, in 1994, she suddenly began suffering from a pattern of mysterious symptoms. When finally diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity, her illness forced her to leave both her job and her home..."
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27 June 2009 The Daily Mail

Australia: Wake Up Call
"If you own a mobile phone, you must see this. For years, the experts have been arguing over them. Some say they're perfectly safe, others claim they fry your brains. Well, an international team of doctors, including two of Australia's finest surgeons, have just released their latest, comprehensive research. And, as the father of young children, it really made Liam Bartlett sit up and take notice. They say prolonged use of mobile phones could double the risk of malignant brain tumours. The deadliest of all cancers, the kind that leaves no survivors. With an entire generation now growing up hooked on their mobiles, that could be absolutely devastating..."
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03 April 2009 60 Minutes/ninemsn

FR: French government bans advertising of mobiles to children...
"New limits will be placed on radiation levels amid fears of increased risk of cancer from phone use,
New laws cracking down on children's use of mobile phones are to be introduced in France amid growing fears that they may cause cancer and other diseases. All advertising of the devices to children under 12 is to be prohibited under the legislation – announced by the Environment Minister, Jean-Louis Borloo, last week – and he will also take powers to ban the sale of any phone designed to be used by those under six..."

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11 January 2009 The Independent

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