– Powerwatch UK:  Electrical Hypersensitivity; Any noticeable, recurring ill health that is triggered by an electromagnetic field and that diminishes or disappears away from the EMF source, constitutes a case of electrical sensitivity. Electrical sensitivity can have a variety of causes; computer monitors are beleved to be one of the common initiators of the syndrome. Mobile and cordless phones are also being reported more often as initiators. The symptoms resemble

many reactions to other allergens and can include: Eye problems, skin problems, tiredness, headaches, stinging face, joint & muscle pains, numbness, dizziness, sleep disturbances, problems with concentration and loss of memory. From our contacts with electrical hypersensitivity sufferers over the last 25 years, we believe that up to about 5% of the general population are highly sensitive ty EMFs.
Källa: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/gen/sensitiv.htm


– EMR Safety Network, AU:  Are you Hyper Electro Sensitive ? Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a biologically active agent that has demonstrable, adverse effects on the human system, which in turn has the potential to lower the health status of the individual. Among the very few are studies which show that ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS) condition can be determined by autonomic nervous system function and blood cell irregularities. The symptoms reported by EHS people are usually found to occur during or after being in close proximity to sources of EMR. These would include power lines, either high or low voltage, electric blankets, water beds, appliances, fluorescent lights, computers, photo-copiers, mobile phones, hair dryers, and hand held electric tools. There are an increasing number of people, world wide, who have experienced repeated, debilitating health episodes either during, or following EMR exposure, which inhibit normal function and activities. These range from minor muscular ’tics’ to convulsions and unconsciousness or lethargy, forgetfulness, sleep disturbances and depression, to name a few.


– California Department of Health Services (1998), US:  Prevalence and Risk Factors of Self-Perceived Hypersensitivity to Electromagnetic Fields Cases of alleged hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMF) have been reported for more than 20 years. We report the results of a telephone survey among a sample of 2072 Californians. Being “allergic or very sensitive” to getting near electrical devices was reported by 68 subjects resulting in an adjusted prevalence of 3.2%. Extrapolated to the total adult 1998 California population, it can be estimated that around 770, 000 people perceived that they are hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields.

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